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Conscious parents raise conscious children. Get unlimited parenting and behavior support in my brand new twelve week parenting program!


We were never meant to do this alone. We grow faster when we grow together. Conscious parenting does not begin with raising children. It begins with raising parents. The journey of parenting should start with looking inwards.

As an early childhood educator and foster parent supporting high needs children, I know this gig isn’t easy, and it doesn’t always come naturally. I also know that once we understand how children learn and develop behaviours, the challenging moments which often create a wedge in the parent-child relationship can calmly be replaced with connection, empowerment and encouragement.

I hear from parents every day trying to break old patterns from their childhood and parent more consciously. If you are struggling to remove yourself from the ways you were parented and the negative cycles you’d prefer to leave behind, I want to encourage you. The only parent you are destined to become is the one that you decide to be.

Your past doesn’t get to choose your legacy.

Committing to breaking cycles from our childhood and parenting consciously can lead to imposter syndrome bringing self-doubt into the mix, “Am I doing this all wrong?” No one is fully conscious all of the time. Making unconscious decisions and falling back into old habits is natural. We will give you the tools to get back up and keep moving. Parenting is the best self-development course you will ever take.

Do you cope with…

Frequent Outbursts

Irrational Worry


Siblings Fighting


Quick to Give Up

Avoiding Things

Low Cooperation

Poor Decisions

Frequent Defiance


My 1:1 program will give you the tools to navigate parenting through these common behaviour challenges.

The good news is that everything is hard before it becomes easier.

An important reminder moving forward is that it is not possible to calm your overwhelmed child when you are overwhelmed.  Our sessions will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to regulate these stressful situations.

All “problem” behaviour is your child struggling to process their stress calmly and mindfully. Helping your child cope with stress is comparable to how we manage detours. If the bridge ahead is closed your brain freezes for a moment and then searches for a secondary pathway. The detour may be on slow roads but with practice, you discover more short cuts and gradually your travel time gets faster.

The process of emotional regulation takes practice and time. Children will struggle at first when something doesn’t go as expected. They may freeze and then resist. But, in time and with your guidance they will practice their executive functioning skills (reasoning, regulating, solving problems, etc) and get better at it.

And, so will you.


You will learn how to pass on…

What you get!

A few things to know moving forward are…

Parenting is stressful. The key to conscious, calm parenting is not navigating your child’s behaviour but in navigating your stress during behaviour challenges calmly and mindfully.

Children learn how to listen based on how we speak to them. Cooperation is built on your relationship and ability to empathise with your child when resistance is heightened. “What does my child need from me in order to be successful?”

Conscious parenting is a daily and lifelong discipline. You will learn how to initiate positive daily habits that will help you reach your goals with ease and grace.

Only you can decide your parenting legacy. The strategies that we introduce will be a daily commitment to that legacy.


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Stephanie has successfully guided families through early childhood for over 15 years. Through her experience with private consultancy, as a preschool teacher and special needs therapist, she has tackled most aspects of early childhood behaviour with her trademark blend of energy and empathy.

Stephanie has consulted around Australia in private sessions with countless families, and currently hosts live training events nationwide, in which she shares her practical solutions and language techniques with families facing diverse challenges.  She believes that helping families to raise calm, happy kids is achievable through education, preparation and a positive mindset.

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