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We all know children don’t come with a manual… but did you know it was going to be this hard?

Every child – and every parent – is wonderfully unique.  There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in this gig, but that doesn’t mean that parenting is a path you have to navigate using instinct alone.  

Conscious parenting recognizes that many of us have automatic, unexamined reactions to our children’s behaviour which stem from our own childhoods, and which can cause friction within our families.  

Learning to parent consciously will demand more of you than you might think you have to give, but the rewards – deeper connections, calmer homes and empowered children – are greater than you can probably imagine right now.  So let’s get started!

Are you eager for parenting support but not ready yet to commit to twelve weeks together? I get it! Grab a one-off consultation below and we can navigate your introduction into conscious parenting.

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