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Hand in Hand Behaviour Coaching members receive monthly access to evidence based behaviour training, expert interviews and online workshops all designed to teach parents effective tools for instilling self-esteem, resilience and responsibility through healthy relationship building and connection.

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Connection before Correction

“Stephanie Wicker has been an absolute godsend for our family and I truly believe that because of her simple strategies, our family is thriving. We now understand so much more about child behaviour and how to deal with a variety of parent concerns such as – sleeping through the night, compliance and defiance, increasing attention and focus at school, social relationships etc. Rather than getting annoyed with our 2 children when they display behaviours that are deemed annoying or frustrating, we have learnt to stop and question what the underlying issue is and shape the behaviour in a much calmer manner, inevitably creating a better outcome for all! “

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Basic Membership Features


The key to creating long term change in your home and building sustainable routines and teaching techniques is understanding why children do what they do. As a member in my coaching program you will receive some in depth learning opportunities that will equip you for real success with behaviour management and interpersonal relationships.


The next step in gentle behaviour support is learning the principles behind behaviour. ALL behaviour serves a function and has a motivational drive, even the trickiest behaviour! Once we define that purpose and drive, we can instill brand new behaviour skills. A great example of this is replacing bullying behaviour with healthy self-perception, perspective taking, pro-adaptive skills and social relationships.


Of course, we will be talking about gentle solutions as well! Learn step by step how to resolve and diffuse defiance, tantrums and aggression without yelling, threatening or blaming your child. Discover what psychology and behaviour studies have to say about punishment procedures during early childhood development and why I actively teach positive discipline with all of my clients.


By now you can see that this membership program is like no other! You will have access to video lessons, online workshops and downloadable assignments to put content into action. Everything in this program is applicable, so practice is a must in order to enhance the experience and create amazing emotional strength, resilience and responsibility in your children.

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