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Hand in Hand Behaviour courses support families by solving the stress and frustration that comes from feelings of helplessness and confusion about how to handle defiance, tantrums and aggression in young children.
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The key to creating long term change in your home and building sustainable routines and teaching techniques is understanding why children do what they do. Explore in depth learning that will equip you for real success with behaviour management and interpersonal relationships.



The next step in gentle behaviour support is learning the principles behind behaviour. ALL behaviour serves a function and has a motivational drive, even the trickiest behaviour! Once we define that purpose and drive, we can instill brand new behaviour skills that will support development, friendships and learning success.



Learn step by step how to resolve and diffuse defiance, tantrums and aggression without yelling, threatening or blaming your child. Discover what psychology and behaviour studies have to say about punishment procedures during early childhood development and why I actively teach positive discipline with all of my clients.

Ultimate behaviour guide!

  1. Foundations of development
  2. The problem with punishment
  3. When to use punishment
  4. Why children are defiant
  5. How to respond to defiance
  6. Three part defiance series – bonus
  7. Why kids stop listening
  8. Three R’s to replacing “No”
  9. Soothing your toddler through a tantrum
  10. Introduction to first time listening
  11. Advanced techniques to first time listening
  12. Gently building obedience
  13. Understanding motivation
  14. Bribery versus motivation
  15. Becoming your child’s motivation to learn
  16. Evidence-based punishment procedures
  17. Punishment that actually works without feeling like the “bad guy”
  18. Shaping behaviour with a group of children
  19. How to remove privileges without threatening
  20. How to replace aggression with expression and emotional confidence
  21. Introductory techniques for teaching self-control
  22. Say goodbye to lying!
  23. Building consistency in your home

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