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Hand in Hand Behaviour supports families by solving the stress and frustration that comes from feelings of helplessness and confusion about how to handle defiance, tantrums and aggression in young children.
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The key to creating long term change in your home and building sustainable routines and teaching techniques is understanding why children do what they do. As a member in my coaching program you will receive some in depth learning opportunities that will equip you for real success with behaviour management and interpersonal relationships.



The next step in gentle behaviour support is learning the principles behind behaviour. ALL behaviour serves a function and has a motivational drive, even the trickiest behaviour! Once we define that purpose and drive, we can instill brand new behaviour skills. A great example of this is replacing bullying behaviour with healthy self-perception, perspective taking, pro-adaptive skills and social relationships.



Learn step by step how to resolve and diffuse defiance, tantrums and aggression without yelling, threatening or blaming your child. Discover what psychology and behaviour studies have to say about punishment procedures during early childhood development and why I actively teach positive discipline with all of my clients.

What you get!

Behaviour expertise

Video tutorials

Online workshops

Accountability groups*

PDF downloads

Audio lessons

Expert guest interviews

Themed learning*

Private Group*

Small Group Applications**

Weekly Activities*

Online Meetings*

Private Behaviour Workshops with Stephanie Wicker**

What you create!

Confident parenting

Connected DURING discipline

A calm home

Consistent parenting approach

Happier kids

First time listeners

Children that enjoy learning

Obedient kids

Problem solvers

Resourceful thinkers

Emotionally confident children

Capable of building strong friendships

Children that show genuine affection towards one another



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Enjoy this nine minute video tour of brand new member’s area on my site. By becoming a member you will receive immediate access to the membership home page with tons of behaviour resources and you will be able to begin Module One of the program.

“The greatest aspect of Stephanie’s services is that they work! With simple strategies implemented consistently, we have seen my child improve in so many areas and he is a much happier little boy because of it.”


“I had a phone consult with Stephanie and it was fantastic. She provided me with some simple and practical strategies that are grounded in neuroscience and they have worked a treat!”


“…Now I feel in control, thankful for the way that we have been able to shape the behavior of all of our children and well equipped with the skills to tackle bumps in the road.”


FREE access for 30 days!

Become a member and learn expert behaviour solutions for a FREE 30 days
Let's begin!

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