A fresh, relatable approach to
childhood behaviour.

Speaker. Author. Educator. Coach.

Stephanie brings optimism and expertise to modern parenting challenges, helping to demystify puzzling childhood behaviour with simple, common-sense solutions to big challenges.  She brings with her a virtual kitbag of tools to tackle tantrums, defiance and aggression which are as practical as they are positive.

Through her practiced child-centred approach, Stephanie focuses primarily on three areas of development; self-esteem, self-soothing and intrinsic self-control.

An experienced presenter, Stephanie stands out for her passionate and engaging style, and her upbeat approach to what can often be emotional topics.

Parents and educators are guaranteed to leave her events feeling confident and invigorated!

Experience, Energy, Empathy.

Stephanie has successfully guided families through early childhood for over 15 years. Through her experience with private consultancy, as a preschool teacher and special needs therapist, she has tackled most aspects of early childhood behaviour with her trademark blend of energy and empathy.

Stephanie has consulted around Australia in private sessions with countless families, and currently hosts live training events nationwide, in which she shares her practical solutions and language techniques with families facing diverse challenges.  She believes that helping families to raise calm, happy kids is achievable through education, preparation and a positive mindset.

“By helping parents place emphasis on connection, empowerment and encouragement, I believe that all children have the ability to reach their full potential.”

Planning an event? Looking for an expert with a refreshing and unique voice to speak on behalf of your brand, or to comment on a range of family-related topics?

Simply Kids creator and educator, Stephanie Wicker, is now available for speaking and filming events worldwide.

Stephanie also shares her practical and loving advice via her Blog, Simply Kids, and a subscriber base of connected parents and educators.

The Mindful Playbook is a fantastic resource for therapists, teachers and parents to help support children in learning about mindfulness. the Mindful Playbook is beautifully illustrated and keeps children engaged. it also helps parents to support their children in their mindfulness journey. Every home should have one for each child! 5 minutes of mindfulness will ensure that our children become emotionally intelligent adults! 

Jess Dolev

Thank you so much Stephanie for such a wonderful workshop and more importantly those 10 magical tools that work at 1st try. Your explanation of the background behind those puzzling toddler behaviour make so much sense and so easy to remember that it helps me to keep my calm in the challenging situations. Can’t wait to attend future workshops and hear all the gold nuggets of behavioural science that you have to offer.

Hoa Nguyen

Stephanie Wicker is amazing!!!!
Her passion and knowledge radiate as she shares such valuable information on how best to help children overcome difficulties in regards to their behavior.
I highly recommend Stephanie’s services to not only parents but educators and Teachers as well.
All of her knowledge is science based and is proven to be effective and her support is genuine.

Bree Hansen

I had a phone consult with Stephanie and it was fantastic. She provided me with some simple and practical strategies that are grounded in neuroscience and they have worked a treat. Stephanie has a supportive and non judgemental approach and she also keeps it real and challenges your thinking. I’ve still much to learn so Stephanie hasn’t heard the last of me yet but it’s been a fabulous start. Thank-you!!

Kris Teychenne

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