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Behaviour Consultancy and Coaching
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Hand in Hand Behaviour membership supports families by solving the stress and frustration that comes from feelings of helplessness and confusion about how to handle defiance, tantrums and aggression in young children.

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Basic Membership

Hand in Hand Behaviour Coaching members receive monthly access to evidence based behaviour training, expert interviews and online workshops all designed to teach parents effective tools for instilling self-esteem, resilience and responsibility through healthy relationship building and connection.

Premium Membership

Become a Premium member of Hand in Hand Behaviour Coaching and learn with like minded individuals eager to create positive changes in their home. In addition to basic membership benefits, you will receive bonuses such as my brand new, private Facebook group where I am LIVE every week answering questions, teaching bite size behaviour lessons and providing accountability challenges.

Small Group Coaching

Applications for small group behaviour coaching are currently being accepted. This is a wonderful opportunity to work closely alongside like minded parents while still receiving individualised support for your family. Through weekly online meetings, LIVE workshops and ongoing support you will find small group coaching an incredible tool for your family’s relationship and harmony.


“The greatest aspect of Stephanie’s services is that they work! With simple strategies implemented consistently, we have seen my child improve in so many areas and he is a much happier little boy because of it.”



“I had a phone consult with Stephanie and it was fantastic. She provided me with some simple and practical strategies that are grounded in neuroscience and they have worked a treat!”



“…Now I feel in control, thankful for the way that we have been able to shape the behavior of all of our children and well equipped with the skills to tackle bumps in the road.”



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